If you would like to submit a review, please email me at chestbinders@gmail.com.

All reviews should include the following.

Preferred Name/Alias: [If you do not want your name/alias listed, let me know and I’ll attribute your review to “Anon.”]

Product name:

Manufacturer’s website:

Cup & band size OR chest measurements in inches at time of use:


Comfort: [Out of 5]

Effectiveness: [Out of 5]

Discreetness: [Out of 5]

Overall : [Out of 5- if this is not included, I will take the average of the other scores]

Additional information is always welcome. If you would like to include a picture, please use one of the many free image hosting sites available (tinypic.com works great) and send me a link. I won’t open emails with attachments unless I know & trust the sender. Reviews may be edited for spelling and grammar.

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