Reviewed by Dysperdis

Product name: T-Kingdom M1500

Manufacturer’s website:

Cup size at time of use: 34 C

Comfort: 4.5/5

  • It’s made of lycra and cotton, which means it’s soft– it feels a lot like a snug sports bra. There was a little bit of abdominal pressure, especially after eating, though it resulted in minor discomfort at worst.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • There were small lumps left, but they didn’t look out of place. While I’d have loved it if I ended up flatter, there was no more give left to my chest– it’s about as good as I’m going to get without surgery.

Discreetness: 4.5/5

  • Remember how I said it’s made of cotton and lycra? The result is that it actually looks like a cotton tank top or undershirt. It’s a little bulky, but even that seems to come from the double-sided design more than anything else– it’s reversible, light blue on one side and white one the other– and will not look out of place even when it is highly visible.

Overall : 4.5/5

  • Seriously, I love this thing. All that’s left is to see how durable it is, but I have high hopes.
  • This binder is NOT currently available in sizes smaller than Medium.