Reviewed by Griffin

Product Name: Double Front Compression Shirt (underworks 997)

Manufacturer’s website:

Cup size at time of use: 42G

Comfort: 3

  • It is way too long. I’m 5’8″ and it would constantly roll up and constrict my hip/thigh area a great deal. The site mentions that it was made longer as an improvement, but I can’t imagine why. It’s very difficult to manage the length when wearing pants or shorts, but I noticed that when I put it on first, it ends almost mid-thigh.
    Doubling it over for me just compresses the stomach more and is very uncomfortable.
    Getting it on/off is pretty easy. It can dig in a bit at the shoulders, though this could be just me.

Effectiveness: 5

  • At my chest size, it’s the best so far. It’s very difficult to find a product that will work for me and this does work pretty well — that’s why I still use it!
    I sometimes wear a GC2 or Champion thin binder/athletic shirt *OVER* the underworks binder to smooth out imperfections and to hide the top shoulder seams.

Discreetness: 5

  • The armholes can be a bit low, but it just looks like underarm fat (which it is). Not flattering, but doesn’t look unnatural. On the other hand, because it is so long, it is easy to ride up.
    The area over my heart tends to poof out, almost like a shirt that has a neck stretched way out. It looks odd in solid polo shirts (which I have to wear at work), but looks okay under button-ups. With T-shirts it’s the most noticeable, but a thin binder on top smooths it out mostly.

Overall: 4

  • It’s a great binder, but a bit long. Until something better suited to large-chested guys comes around, this will be one of the best solutions out there.
    If you are large-chested, I HIGHLY recommend wearing a Champion, Nike, Underarmor etc athletic shirt or a thin binder (I’ve used GC2) with the binder to add compression and smooth out bulges.