Review by Adio

Product name:  Underworks 997 Double Front Compression Shirt

Manufacturer’s website:

Chest size at time of use: D

Comfort: 4/5

  • It isn’t as comfortable as a bra or undershirt, but I’ve gotten used it.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • I position my chest downward and out slightly. This gets me very flat and has minimal uniboob/bump.  The length also helps with my hips and stomach.

Discreetness: 5/5

  • I’ve had multiple people touch my chest, back, and sides without knowing I’m wearing a binder.  Because it’s so long, it can be tucked into pants like an undershirt.  There is no line across the back to make it look like a bra.

Overall : 5/5

  • I’ve been binding for over 6 years with this same type of binder.  I wouldn’t keep buying them if they didn’t work for me. My chest has gotten smaller over the years (weight loss, breakdown from binding/T), but even when I was heavier, it still worked great. I would recommend this binder to every trans man, no matter what size.

Reviewed by Dylan

Product Name: Underworks 997 Double-Front Compression Shirt

Manufacturer’s website

Cup size at time of use: Ehn… Large? I wore an L in Champion sports bras… That’s like D something, right?

[Dys’ note: Champion’s sizing can be found here. Large fits some, but not all, D cups.]

Comfort: 5/5

  • I wore Ace Bandages and had chaffed skin, bruised ribs, and lungs which would seize when I thought about wrapping the bandages around me. I tried neoprene back supports, but gave up on those after fluid-filled blisters started leaving scars on my torso. Finally, I wore two one-size-too-small bras one on top of the other, AND an underarmour shirt over that.

    This binder is not only more comfortable, but 10 times more effective than anything I ever tried before. It’s tough to get into (I find that stepping into it, rather than pulling it over your head, works much better) but I can breathe normally and the lack of elastic bands under the chest makes it much more comfortable than even a regular sports bra.

Effectiveness: 4/5

  • I discovered that one side of my chest is significantly larger than the other one. To remedy this, I still have to wear a sports bra on top of the binder (in correct size tho, so its not too tight). However, the first time I made it work, I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. I look like I have awesome strong pecs and there is nothing indicating anything more than that.

Discreetness: 5/5

  • The shoulder straps are wide and the seams are nicely done so it does not cut into your skin or leave marks under your shirt. I wear relatively tight t-shirts and did not have any problems with it.

    I can imagine tho that it would be somewhat visible if you were wearing a skin-tight, lighter shirt.

Overall: 5/5

  • It’s a little awkward while bending over because it follows your body contours so closely and tends to hike up a little. I never had a problem of it rising too high to pull out of my pants or be uncomfortable, but you do have to keep it in check, especially if you’re moving about a lot.

    I also did not experience a lot of problems with belly compression. It tucks your stomach in nicely, but it didn’t compress it uncomfortably – I did not have a problem polishing off a good-sized meal.

Review by Kaori_P

Product Name: Underworks Double Front Compression Vest

Manufacturer Website

Cup size at time of use: D


Comfort: 4/5

  • It’s very comfortable, enough that it’s easy to forget I’m wearing it. I have their current longer model and the older short one. The short model I’d rate a 5 in comfort, because the longer one can roll up and really hurt my hips. Both models, however, completely ease back pain.

Effectiveness: 4/5

  • It’s not perfect if I wear a tight shirt, but it looks enough like pecs that I don’t have much trouble. I’m sure if I were more muscular it would look natural. In baggy clothes, it’s wonderful.

Discreetness: 4/5

  • You have to be careful the binder can’t be seen through sleeve openings or if you bend over and your shirt lifts up in the back to reveal it. Otherwise it’s pretty much invisible. I’ve never noticed unnatural bulges from the fabric in my clothing.

Overall: 5/5

  • Definitely a good binder. It’s effective, comfortable and does the job for about $30 plus shipping.

Reviewed by Chris

Product Name: Underworks Tri-Top

Manufacturer’s Web Site

Cup size at time of use: D


Comfort: 1/5

  • EEK! I could hardly breathe wearing this binder! At first I ordered a small and that was so small that I couldn’t even get it on (my ribcage measures about 32 inches) so I had to exchange it for a medium. But even the medium was too tight–I went to a party wearing it and I had to roll it up in the car on my way there because I was feeling light-headed and dizzy. Needless to say I didn’t wear it again after that.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • It definitely does a good job of hiding your chest, I’ll give it that!

Discreetness: 5/5

  • Looks like an undershirt.

Overall: 3/5

  • Does a great job of binding but definitely not comfortable, especially if you have large breasts. Make sure to order at least one size up.

Reviewed by Chris

Product name: T-Kingdom M801

Manufacturer’s website: T-Kingdom

Cup size at time of use: D


Comfort: 5 /5

  • I’m extremely picky about the comfort of the bras and binders I wear and was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the M801 is. It’s just as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than the average sports bra.

Effectiveness: 3/5

  • I wish I could give it a 3.5 because it actually binds quite well when you first get it but it stretches out a little bit over time. However, I’ve had mine for about a year now and they still work quite well. I’m a D cup so binding for me is pretty tough, and I’d imagine that if you’re any smaller this binder would work better for you.

Discreetness: 5 /5

  • The binder itself can’t be seen unless you’re wearing a white t shirt or a tank top.

Overall: 4 /5

  • Overall I recommend the M801 for everyday wear