Preferred Name/Alias: Darke

Product name: Double Front Compression Shirt

Manufacturer’s website:

Cup size at time of use: 34 A


Comfort: 4/5

  • In the beginning it seemed tight, but not uncomfortably so. After about two weeks of wearing it to school (but taking it off at night to sleep) I got used to the compression and it was actually quite nice. Now I feel uncomfortable without it, haha! However, I find that when I eat large amounts of food, or after I’ve gained a bit of weight, it takes more effort for me to breathe deeply (however I usually take shallow breaths anyway, so it might just be me).

Effectiveness: 3.5/5

  • For the first six months that I’ve had it, it worked really well and I was completely flat, however at one point after that, someone accidentally put it into the dryer (it’s supposed to hang dry, even though it’s machine washable) and ever since then the material has felt looser and has lost some of it’s compression abilities. Now I have to double it up and use safety pins to keep it up for the compression and even then it looks like I have really small breasts when I wear semi-close fitting shirts.

Discreetness: 4.5/5

  • I’ve made several new friends after I started to use this, and up until a month ago when we went swimming (and I had to use a normal swimsuit) they had thought I was completely flat naturally. I usually wear semi-baggy shirts, so it’s quite discreet then, but with slim-fitting shirts, ever since putting it in the dryer ruined the material, it’s shown a bit of bump. However, several times I’ve been called “sir” when I go into a cafe or restaurant and my friends speak for me (since my voice is so high pitched I can’t even pass as a prepubescent boy…).

Overall : 4/5

  • It’s worked wonderfully for me for the past year and a half, and I’m only replacing it now because the material is too loose and sweat stained. (ew!)



Review by Malakoi

Product Name: Underworks Double Front Compression Vest

Manufacturer Website

Cup size at time of use: C


Comfort: 4/5

  • It’s movable, isn’t itchy and doesn’t hurt or cause unnecessary pressure at all. It does tend to roll up or bunch at the waist when I’m sitting down.

Effectiveness: 3.5/5

  • If I wear a tight shirt, which I normally do, it looks like I have compressed breasts because I do. I have to wear two shirts or a sweatshirt to hide it.

Discreetness: 4.5/5

  • The seam around the top is sometimes noticeable under tighter shirts, but the binder is normally invisible.

Overall: 4/5

  • I only paid $30 for my binder and that makes it more agreeable to me, even though it isn’t as effective as I’d like. It is generally comfortable to wear.

Review by Who is Morgan


There have been reports of sternums being fractured using this method and actually piercing lungs. Use at your own risk.

Product name: Tensor Bandage

Manufacturer’s website: Any drug store. They’re used for wrapping sore ankles, wrists, knees, etc.

Cup size at time of use: A


Comfort: -3 /5

Effectiveness: 3.5/5

Discreetness: 2/5

  • This is probably one of the worst ways to bind. Hands down. You run a large risk of hurting yourself by wrapping your chest too tightly, as I did. I did this for a cosplay once, when I was still in denial about my gender identity, and refused to bind for a very long time after that.

    My mistake in this cosplay was that I (stupidly) didn’t realise that if you are binding using this technique, you have to move your breasts sort of… up and out. You want to sort of tuck as much tissue as possible under your armpits and use the bandage to tie it all in place. DO NOT SIMPLY BIND TIGHTER TO GET A FLATTER PROFILE. YOU WILL DO YOURSELF DAMAGE. I ended up with a severely bruised sternum and was unable to breathe freely for weeks.

    Now, other problems with bandages? They slide. They’ll slide up. They’ll slide down. They’ll separate at the fullest part of your breasts. They’re uncomfortable. They leave odd bulges under your clothes if not done PRECISELY correctly. A breast can pop free. They’re sweaty because they end up multi layered and have a LOT of elastic. Because of the way they shift, they are not very effective and can cause a lot of questions, especially if you are at all active.

    Benefits? They’re cheap. They’re available everywhere. Your parents don’t need to know what you’re using them for.

    If you MUST go for this option (I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST IT) then I recommend that you get the WIDEST bandage you can, as it will (in theory) slide less. And wear at least 2, if not 3-4 layers over top.

    Why is there no photo of me bound with these things?

    I will never use them again as long as I live.

Reviewed by chiaroscuro13

Product name: Underworks Cotton Concealer Muscle Shirt

Manufacturer’s website

Cup size at time of use: 33A


Comfort: 5/5

  • This make and model is very soft and comfortable to wear. The shirt itself is like a shirt within a shirt. It has two layers to it: the first layer is nylon spandex covered by a layer of cotton. The hem is extremely long and can be pulled down to comfortably reach past the thighs. Because of the single layer of binding and length of the hem there is no bunch or ride up. This shirt tends to trap heat I think because of the cotton layer so I end up sweating more in this shirt than in others. This shirt really does stretch and recoil with my body making it the least intrusive binder. Unlike some other binders who are made with an athletic or tapered look in mind, this muscle shirt does not impose any shape to squeeze into nor does it have any pressure points. The best way to put on this shirt is to pull it overhead, it is impossible to pull up from the floor which makes putting it on a little harder. Make sure your skin is completely dry when pulling this binder on and it will go easier.

Effectiveness: 3.5/5

  • I decided to go with a size smaller for this particular binder because the shirt utilizes only one layer of nylon spandex to bind. I found that this binder was not any more effective with a smaller size of achieving a flatter chest than my previous binder. It did in fact conform more to the contours of my chest and accentuate my breasts too much. I’d recommend wearing two layers of tees to counter out the accentuation factor.

Discreetness: 4/5

  • Due to the cut style of the muscle shirt sometimes the top of the collar would be visible. The collar sits higher on the neck than the cut of a regular tee so it is often peeking out; in order to pull down the collar I had to pull out from the sleeves instead of down the front. There really isn’t any discreetness problems when this shirt is worn under clothing but I would not trust it enough to wear it on the outside because of the accentuation factor even though it is made for both under and outside wear.

Overall: 4/5

  • Other information:
    Time of purchase: 2/29/08
    I received this product three days after purchase.