Review by Dysperdis

Product name: Medical Tape

Manufacturer’s website: Medical tape, also known as surgical tape, is made my several companies. It can be bought at any drugstore.

Cup size at time of use: C


Comfort: -3/5

Effectiveness: 0/5

Discreetness: 0/5

Overall: -1/5

  • This website is meant, not only to inform the reader of binding methods that work well, but also to warn about methods that are useless, painful, or dangerous. This method was all three.

    Using medical tape to bind my breasts may have been the stupidest thing I have ever done. I heard from others that it was a possible way to bind, and, as my binder had yet to arrive, I was willing to try it. I bought a role of medical tape which proclaimed to be safe for use on skin.

    It took quite a bit of tape to see any results. By the time I was done, the tape was layered thick enough to be absolutely useless. There were lines and creases running across the front- these were visible through my shirt.

    Wearing it was extremely uncomfortable. I was near tears for most of the time I wore it. Taking it off was worse- in a few short hours, it appeared to have formed a very close relationship with my skin. Close enough, in fact, to remove a large portion of it. The following pictures are some of the scars left by the tape, taken about 6 weeks after the fact.

    I would never, ever endorse this method of binding.