Reviewed by chiaroscuro13

Product Name: M690

Manufacturer’s website:

Cup size at time of use: A approx.

Comfort: 2

  • The binding ability of this product is dependent on a Velcro patch located on the left rib side, just under the arm. Since wrapping occurs with the right side coming around the chest to the left, the right strap does not sit on the shoulder evenly. I found that the right strap, by design of this binder, creeps up the neck or exposes it’s self from under my t-shirt’s collar looking very feminine. There is no adjusting this strap because the centre of tension for this binder is pulling down and to the left. The left strap is unaffected and sits comfortably in the middle of the shoulder.
    I also noticed that this product, being designed by and for Asian bodies, was not wide enough to cover my chest when I employed the down and out breast-lay method. The total area coverage in the front was designed for Asian breasts.
    As a bonus, this binder was not as hot as an Ace bandage and worked at keeping me cool when I did wear it because of it’s small area of coverage.

Effectiveness: 3

  • The elastic band is not clearly visible on the website’s model image. The band is adjustable via a velcro patch located under the left arm as the image indicates. This three inch long patch is rather thick when closed up and has a limited range of binding sizes for Westerners. The Velcro does not continue out to the edge of the binder’s material so there is some roll-out that occurs, especially if you are trying to adjust tightness of this binder.
    If your wardrobe is loose and collared, I found this binder to do a good job as squeezing the breasts enough to stop them from returning to their natal position. This binder is able to hold the breasts down and out if the wearer limits their activities to those less active and can put up with the tightness required to pull off this effect. It has the ability to make you totally flat if one finds that right equation to breast position and binder tightness.

Discreetness: 2

  • The seams around this product are ribbed and very noticeable even under a t-shirt. As a lightweight binder it exposes more so I recommend employing an undershirt(s)over this product as part of your daily wardrobe.

Overall: 2

  • This model is the least expensive binding product offered by T-Kingdom. Keeping that in mind, this product is basically just meat and potatoes; at $26.40 you get what you pay for. The 690 essentially is a sports bra version of the Ace Bandage technique. The 690 wears like a short, racer backed sports bra. The straps are literally sewn onto a rubber-based elastic band which wraps over the breast area.
  • Pressure points:
    • Right side–right strap
    • Velcro–overlaps into breasts
  • Things to note: I ordered a small, I planned on returning it for a medium because of the small frontal area coverage but a size bigger would have left more Velcro and fabric hanging around the corner for smaller binding days. The compromise was to bind very loosely which made the product ride up. This product is short!

    The website is Taiwanese, make sure to translate the Euros in to Dollars if you will be paying in such.
    This product shipped the same day and took 9 days to reach me from Taiwan.