Review by Alex

Product Name: Air 7-Zip Short Cut

Manufacturer’s Web Site

Cup size at time of use: A


Comfort: 5/5

  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Does not itch. Has a softer fabric at the front and a breathing fabric at the back. And this model has a velcro on the left side. Basically, when I’m wearing it, I don’t even notice it. I wear a binder all day every day, I only take it off when I sleep. And I have had no problems with it.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • At least for me (a smaller chest), it hides my breasts completely. Actually it makes them look more like pecs, gives them a natural look. It won’t make your chest look like a wooden board, (like some binders do).

Discreetness: 5/5

  • I can actually wear any kind of T-Shirt I want with it. I usually wear a bit loose ones, though.

Overall: 5/5

  • This binder is worth your money. If you are a smaller size, then this is the binder for you.

Additional Information:

  • The shipping took about one week to Europe. First I just bought one Air 7 to test it out, but then I noticed that it was “the best thing ever invented”, so I bought 2 more. I have had them for 6 months now. It’s still in the same condition as I bought them, does not go bad in the wash. I just love it.

Review by Lycorian

Product Name: Air 7-Zip Short Cut

Manufacturer’s Web Site

Cup Size at Time of Use: 32AA


Comfort: 5/5

  • Incredibly easy to get on and off. I attempted an underworks binder not long ago and it nearly strangled me. This just zips on, adjust, and you’re ready to go. It’s got breather-strips built into it that make it very cool in the summer. I have mild asthma so I can’t wear it for too long, but the same is true of all of my binders. If I did not have asthma, I suspect I would be able to wear this thing all the time. The material is soft and comfortable and doesn’t stick to you when you get sweaty.

Effectiveness: 4/5

  • Can only really give this a 4 out of 5 cause I am so small chested anyway that the difference it makes is pretty much for my comfort only. But it completely obliterates any view of my chest. Utterly flat. The air zips are best for smaller chested folks anyway, so B and under, this is a winner. The manufacturer has dozens of other products to match other shapes and sizes.

Discreetness: 4/5

  • It’s not a binder you can wear with, say, a wife-beater. The zipper curls a little in the front, but in wearing a form-fitting long-sleeved shirt, I found that I didn’t notice it from the outside. It doesn’t roll up at all, but wearing low-collar stuff is probably out with this binder. It’ll go great with most t-shirts.

Overall: 4/5

  • A really nice binder to wear in most situations. I haven’t tried working out in it yet, but I can run in it fairly easily even with my asthma, so I imagine that it would work for other similar exercises. The manufacturer has incredible service. I have an older version of this same model called Airvent Zip that had been discontinued, and after a few promptly replied to emails, they were able to pull a medium out of their last remaining stocks and send it to me. It got here within a few days of me ordering it, which was pretty amazing considering the place is in Taiwan. They also take paypal! which was what kept me from ordering through T-Kingdom.These binders are designed on Asian standards, so please go a size up if you are near the end of a size bracket, or else you will get a binder that is too tight.