The Chest Binder Review Site is a resource for trans men, female bodied androgynes, drag kings, and any other female bodied individual who wishes to present as male.

The Chest Binders Review website was originally started in 2007, after Dysperdis noticed the lack of such a resource for trans men and other individuals who sought information on various binders. Starting with a couple of posts gleaned from GaiaOnline forum regulars, he tossed up a quick site on Google Pages.

In October, 2009, Google switched all of their Pages sites to Google Sites. Since Dys really doesn’t like Google Sites, he moved the site over to WordPress.

Sadly, this site does not get updated as frequently as Dys would like- real life (school, the occasional family squabble, etc.) tends to get in the way, and there’s a tendency for the site to get relegated to the back-burner.


This website is not affiliated with T-Kingdom, Underworks, or any other company which produces binders. Reviews are based on the personal opinions of the various reviewers, and may not reflect your own experiences with those same binders.

The maintainer of this site advises readers that any health and safety advice on this site should not be construed as the word of a medical expert. Binding may not be safe for everyone. If you have doubts about the safety of binding, consult a doctor*.

The Binder Review Website claims no responsibility for any injuries resulting from the use (or misuse) of any binder or binding method listed here-in.

*If anyone knows of a directory of trans-friendly GPs, please pass it on.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. d Says:

    hello. i’ve read a bunch of reviews on this site, but due to my lack of internet-dexterity, i’m not sure how to post a question.

    here it is: i was under the impression that the Underworks tri-top (983) was constructed similarly to the double front compression shirt (997) except that as the names would imply- the 983 have 3 layers in front & the 997 has only two.
    i have already shortened a tri-top that fits way better for me now. i was thinking if i could buy a 997 & cut off the bottom part to result in one short binder (similar to the tri-top) and use the wide band from the bottom to make a second, strapless binder..? i’m trying to be thrifty as they are priced the same & so i could finagle making three binders from two. sorry that was a LONG lead-in…

    so i want to know how affective is the compression of the 997 as compared to the 983?

    i understand many pple find the compression all down the stomach area to be uncomfortable so i would also be avoiding that by shortening the 997 as well.

    if i should post this question elsewhere, please let me know where that would be.

    thanks for your time

  2. Scott Conlon Says:

    Thanks for this resource. I’m gender queer and have been using drag my entire life for the occasional extreme dysphoria that can result from being off birth control, my main source of bodily female hormones, as I don’t naturally produce them in reasonable quantities, and produce too much t instead. And people say gender is just your sex… Ugh. Kill me the next time you hear someone say that, please. I’d be better off.
    Anyway, I have really weird proportions, FF breasts and a 32″ underbust, as I’ve had a birth control implant for more than a year now. Killed off my manageable C cup.
    HSA permitting I hope I’ll be able to submit since reviews soon. I hope you don’t mind if I also submit a review for Underworks’ newer swim binder, it’s an intriguing idea I’d love to at least try. Little nervous about paying $99 for something that won’t fit when I get this stupid implant out.

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