Review: Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder: Jasper B

September 2, 2011

Review by Jasper B.
Product name: Underworks Tri-Top chest binder 983
Size: Medium
Price: $29.99 + shipping and whatnot
Manufacturer’s website:
Chest size at time of use: 34 B cup

Comfort: 5/5

  • Doesn’t roll up (for me at least)
  • Doesn’t rub under my arms, or feel to tight around my neck area
  • Breathes well, great to wear in summer
  • Very comfortable, doesn’t contract and restrict when worn in water

Effectiveness: 3/5

  • Binds well at first, looses it’s shape but gets it back generally after a hand washing and drying.
  • Hard to get on the first few times

Discreetness: 4.5/5

  • Even though it’s short and sometimes people can see the line that rises to about my waist, you cannot notice it around my shoulders.

Overall : 4/5

  • Recommended, especially for a basic first binder.
  • Cheap, if you wanted it just for drag, etc.

3 Responses to “Review: Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder: Jasper B”

  1. Caroline Says:

    does it ever get annoying? If so, is it a lot annoying or little annoying? I want to know because, i want to make sure i get a well- perfect- binder.

    • Alex Says:

      Ok, I dissagree with using it just for drag. It doesnt do the binder justice. I’ve used it in spandex for costuming all you need is an over shirt like underarmour or the rip-off of that from walmart.

      I’m a B/C and it flattens me out alot, its only now loosing its shape after two years of constant use. Even then if you wash it, it regains it.

      In the long run its the cheapest to replace and the one that lasts the longest. It gets annoying after a while if you don’t wear something underneath like the underarmour which I fold up to bind anyways.

  2. Kei-kun Says:

    thanxs for the help im currently the same chest size as u said in ur review and i was going crazy trying to figure out if i should use medium or large and i see u wrote medium so it helped me settle my decision.

    also what do u mean about “it gets annoying after a while if you dont wear something underneath”? do u mean u hav to wear something underneath before u bind? or something else???

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