Review: Peecock Products V-Neck Mid Length Binder: Diahonne

July 16, 2011

Review by Diahonne
Product name: V-Neck Mid Length Binder
Manufacturer’s website:
Price: $29.00 + shipping and handling
Cup & band size & chest measurements in inches at time of use: 40C or 42 chest

Comfort: 5/5

  • Very comfortable, can go the whole day with it and completely forget I was binding. The bottom of the binder doesn’t dig in my sides or armpit. It’s like wearing a high compression bra. It has Velcro fasteners so putting it on is easier the over-the-head binders. I can eat as much as I want and there is no pressure on my stomach.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • I could never be flatter. No lumps, seamless binding effect.

Discreetness: 5/5

  • You will never notice. I wear v-necks the majority of the time and you would just believe I was wearing an undershirt.

Overall : 5/5

  • Product is incredible and never been happier. Easy to put on, comfortable, Binds incredibly flat with zero lumps, and unnoticeable. And I wear a normal compression shirt not because I want to be flatter its just because I have curves that like to come out over binders when no one asked for it. Which is good advice for the bigger guys. Before and After pics down below

Without Binder

With Binder

ETA: Check out a better before and after here and here, respectively.

4 Responses to “Review: Peecock Products V-Neck Mid Length Binder: Diahonne”

  1. Diahonne Says:

    here is a video review also

  2. d Says:

    i was hoping someone would have some insight on peecock binders. this review definately makes me want to get one (MLB490 or 290) over the underworks tri-top. my basic concerns are the length (as i’m approx 5’1″) & issues with rolling up- i think that would drive me crazy and it seems the peecock mid length may roll less than underworks mids..?

    does the level of compression vary between the 490 drytech mid & the 290 meshback mid? because if the mesh back is just a effective at binding, then it may be worth the extra few dollars for more breathability. i’m working on a budget and this is my first legit binder.

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