Review: Double T Air 7 Long Cut: Jordan

May 23, 2011

Review by Jordan

Product name: Double T (Double Company) Air 7 Long Cut (Slip-On/No Velcro)

Manufacturer’s website:

Chest size at time of use: 36 B

Comfort: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Discreetness: 4.5/5

Overall: 5 /5

  • This binder is absolutely amazing.  I never thought I would ever say those words.  I actually enjoy wearing this!  Seriously, skip buying a binder because it’s cheaper in the short-run.  That’s what I did and I don’t regret trying it, but I know now that priority, for me, is COMFORT with my compression.  And to you other guys: Don’t lower your standards on a binder!  There is one for you and this is it.  The Air 7 is a little pricey.  90 bucks.  I felt a little guilty spending the money on this… until I received it.  Well done!  It came folded in it’s own little Double Company, screen-printed, nice zip-close bag.  Seriously, when I ordered this, I thought I was going to have to mail it back because it was going to be some cheap-ass material that’s scratchy.  I was so wrong.  It fits like a tank top, which I previously used to wear under all my shirts.  It’s SO soft, the back is like a mesh, but not like a rough, cheap mesh or a flimsy, basketball shorts mesh.  It’s tough, but it’s soft.  The material is stretchy, but takes a bit of strength to stretch by hand, similar to the Underworks material, in that way ONLY.  When I put a shirt on over this, I absolutely love the way it feels on my skin.  Let me repeat that:  It feels GREAT with a shirt over it!  So cool/icey feeling on the skin.  It’s wonderful.  Oh, and it doesn’t have any kind of ODOR to the fabric.  I recently tried to buy an UnderArmour shirt and really liked the way it felt, but there is virtually no compression in that material.  This Air 7 is a similar material, super soft, yet thicker.  This does NOT roll up, contort, anything.  It’s so refreshing to know that there are people in the world that understand what makes a great binder.  Taiwan, apparently, is in on the secret.  I absolutely know I will buy another one of these.
  • Also, WARNING!
    Get your REAL size!  Seriously, if you know your Cup/Band size, use that.  If not, measure yourself.  Do not attempt to get this thinking you will have to buy it smaller because you want to be really flat.  It is a binder.  A REAL ONE.  So, feel completely secure in buying your size.  That’s all.
  • I hope you all felt my excitement in reading this.  Also, the only reason I gave this a 4.5/5 in discreetness is because, for me, the fabric could always be thinner, but also I’m just leaving a little room for improvement in case some super miracle fabric comes along.  Other than that, this thing is PERFECT.  I have nothing negative to say about it.

6 Responses to “Review: Double T Air 7 Long Cut: Jordan”

  1. Elspeth Says:

    Curious for reference, what size did you get?

  2. Alex Bryce Says:

    Where can I get the Double T Air 7 Long cut?

  3. Alex Bryce Says:

    Thank you for that, it is indeed available on that site. Cheers again.

  4. Landon Says:

    I want to buy one very badly but I don’t quite trust their website. When I go to check-out I’m not sure about some of the information it asks for. Specifically, one of the fields is “Shipping date” and includes dropdown menus for year, month, day, and even time. I don’t know what to choose and I don’t want to pay $90 for something that I’m not going to get for 6 months b/c of confusion…

  5. Jordan Says:

    Dear Website Owner, I am Jordan, the original author of this review. I wanted to see if you would either a) remove this review since this company is skating on MY testimonial to other trans people, or b) add this amendment to my original review:

    The company formerly known as “Double T,” when this review was written, was a Taiwan-based company. I placed an order with this company this year (2017) for the same product I bought and reviewed here in 2011, and it is NOT THE SAME.

    I repeat, the item is not the same. The “new company” is skating on the reputation of the OLD COMPANY called “Double T” and now calls itself “My Double Design,” which ONLY now features an English-language website, and it DOES ship in about 3 days because the product comes from Washington State.

    Here is a link to the “revamped” item I reviewed in 2011, and you will also notice it is thoroughly English and is not a domain with an English option (ex.

    The “revamped” company calls itself Double Design, NOT Double T, but uses the logo and reputation of the former company. I do not know when this “buy out” of this company occurred, but it did. And so, I cannot, with GOOD FAITH, allow my honest testimonial to stand as it originally was written– with glee, great enthusiasm, and satisfaction with the product I bought in 2011– But it simply makes this new company look good, a reputation they DO NOT deserve, and it also makes it look like I have poor taste, which I can assure you, I do not.

    I just don’t want other people buying this product and being like “Jordan blah-blah, from the internet, said this was a good product– But this sucks, I’m disappointed I paid this much money for this.”

    The item that used to be called the “Double T Air 7” is now called the “Double Design Air Max.”

    The fabric used is NOT the same as the original, though the compression is the same. So, if you like the design, don’t care about the quality of the fabric, then I advise you purchase it. But chances are, if you’re like me, you’re going to say “Why pay x Amount of money, if what I am really paying for is the quality, since you know, there are many binders and compression-type shirts on the market?” My feelings exactly.

    Now, here is a comparison: The Old Double T Air 7 vs the “Neo-Nazi” Double Design Air Max:

    Old: Cool fabric exterior, similar to the coolness of a bathing suit, always cold, no matter the temperature, and feels very nice and comfortable under clothing, clothing does not cling to it, it glides easily over it. The inner fabric, that which touches your skin is a very soft micro-suede TYPE of material (not micro suede obviously), but a very soft cottony, spandex material, with of course the mesh open back for breathability.

    New: Noticeably MUCH thinner than the original, about half the thickness and weight, which is funny since in my original review I only gave it a 4.5/5 based on the fact it *could* be thinner. Keep in mind, the “bathing suit” material I mentioned above– everybody knows bathing suits are slightly on the thick side, but it’s not a bad thing, obviously. Nobody wishes their bathing suit were thinner. (Obviously, I’m referring to the common material used in female one-piece or bikini-style bathing suits– cold when wet or dry).

    The size runs the same (Sorry to the person who wondered what size I purchased– this would be irrelevant to you, since I told you to order YOUR shirt size, not MY shirt size– I can pretty much guarantee my shoulders and chest width is MUCH larger than yours– I did not buy my size based on bust size, and really, I am an A cup, even, not even a B cup– But I, without HRT, have very large, masculine, athletic-like broad shoulders and chest– so to appease any curiosity, I ordered it in an XL, the size of a form-fitted t-shirt, rather than an XXL, which is actually the size t-shirt I would wear casually, but I only recently decided I like an XXL for the shoulder space, so in 2011 I did not decide to order a size down, in 2011, I was purchasing XL t-shirts because form-fitted shirts were all the rage. See, this is why I didn’t say– But the omission was not intentional, but you can see how it can be slightly confusing, based on my body, and very individual– so it doesn’t matter to you.)

    HERE IS THE MAJOR CAVEAT and WHY I AM WRITING THIS: the “NEW” (neo-nazi) VERSION of this product has a layer in between the front layer and the backing layer that lies against your skin– My other one may have this, but I never noticed it, but this is seriously important– the additional layer that is over the chest area and between the two layers of fabric, when worn, makes a PAPER CRACKLING SOUND. Yes. PAPER CRACKLING. Take a piece of paper and crumble it up and you will hear the sound this binder/compression tank makes.

    The WHOLE IDEA of this product is not ONLY it’s comfort level, but it’s discreetness and how it looks just like an undershirt tank top– Well, that cover is blown because if you move your arms or bend over, you will hear a PAPER CRACKLING sound.

    This is due to a very CHEAP synthetic fabric being used. So, while, in 2017, this product is 72.00$ and NOT the original 90.00$, it has SUCH A DECREASE in quality, it is BARELY worth about 30$, honestly.

    And that is the point I was making– Not only the PAPER CRACKLING SOUND, but the thinness of the fabric, while nice that it is thin, is NOT COOL any longer like the old version. It is some kind of cottony-spandex material, nothing to really complain about, but nothing to write home about either. IN comparison, I TAKE BACK everything I said about the material needing to be thinner– because thinness isn’t what it was– especially at the COST of the coolness (actually, quite literally, being cold in temperature) of the ORIGINAL product.


    So, I conclude this amended review. I say “F this company,” but I will also add that these types of items, if you are willing to look, are far more common in Asian markets, unfortunately, than in Western markets– even in this day and age of gender-bending being so ever-popular. It is MY PERSONAL THEORY that this once-GRADE A company was BOUGHT OUT by an American, capitalist WHORE, they reduced the quality of the fabrics, while maintaining the original look and design, and are still selling the product for a HEAVILY INFLATED rate of $72.00, for an item, that is realistically, worth about $30-35. Even the Original was not really WORTH $90, but it was worth it in comparison to a lot of the stinky, hot, shitty fabrics on the market at the time– and which still exist to this day.

    So, that being said, to my knowledge, this company still has the “best” on the market that is known to me– but I will be looking elsewhere in Taiwanese and Korean markets to find a similar product, that is made with QUALITY in mind.

    And yes, I only ever bought that ONE that I reviewed in 2011. I still have it, I bought another because some of the threads were beginning to fray on it, and honestly, there aren’t a lot of occasions any longer (work or school) where I need to wear it– and I have a few other items in rotation, if it be the case, though the Original DOUBLE T AIR 7 was and still is the best.

    Another one I have liked and is in my rotation is by a company called “Leonisa” who makes “shapewear” (seriously, this word needs to enter your vocabulary because this is sometimes how things like this are listed), and it is called the FIRM CONTROL TANK, I own it in an XL also. HOWEVER, I must even say about that that I recently attempted to order another one and the XL was far smaller than before and had different tagless labeling on the item, which also led me to believe this company has been BOUGHT OUT or SOLD, so I cannot give an accurate testimonial to any of their current products, but they DO have a large selection of male gynecomastia tanks and shirts, and once you order, they will spam you with a catalog about every 3 months in the mail, which in a way is nice (they actually have a catalog) but for the most part, the products and inventory remain the same.

    If you’ve made it this far, thank you. If you read my review in 2011 and bought the binder from Double T– You’re welcome— But the original review written by me is now OBSOLETE and no longer accurate. Call it late-stage capitalism, call it what you will– But I did not want anyone to be misled by this review, and FRANKLY, I forgot I wrote the review until I was Googling for the company I originally bought my tank from and found my own review– LOL! Thanks, past-me. So, I put this here for Future-You.

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