Review: Underworks Tri-Top: chiaroscuro13

October 23, 2010

Reviewed by chiaroscuro13

Product Name: Tri-Top (983)

Manufacturer’s website:

Cup size at time of use: A approx.

Comfort: 4

  • This binder is so non-restrictive and casual in appearance,I wear mine like a second skin day and night.
    Repetitive arm motions can cause the straps to rub into the shoulder when this product is still new. Very tight in the beginning.
    Free range of motion.

Effectiveness: 5

  • Like it’s predecessor–the double front compression top–this product efficiently binds and stops motion transfers of the chest area. One can really get the sense that they no longer have breasts. The magic is in the third binding layer. In addition to utilizing three layers to bind, the extra layer exclusive to the tri-top, delineates the breast form. This product essentially levels your chest. I find that although I’m not overly bound down, I appear to be much flatter and appear naturally male in my torso.
    Make sure to recognize the inside from the outside of this product. Due to where the straps lie on the shoulders, there can accumulate a raw spot if the binder is not worn properly.

Discreetness: 5

  • I have no reservations about wearing this product to every occasion. The seams are barely visible and virtually invisible under any type of clothing because they taper off.
    Since this binder is not a full shirt, roll-up is inevitable. Sewing a longer strip of fabric to complete the shirt is an option but not necessary. Although this roll-up can be annoying, it is not overly noticeable and can be easily and discreetly fixed by a casual smooth.
    Looks like an A-shirt under white shirts.

Overall: 5

  • It has been said, and I agree in all my experiences, the TRI-TOP is THE BEST BINDER ON THE MARKET. We’re talking overall coverage, delineation and versatility.
    Things to note: The three layers of binding only occur in the front. The back is one sheer layer of spandex nylon so it releases heat effectually.
    No need to wear anything under this product.
    I Recommend ordering your exact bust size. The three binding layers are designed to work with the actual size of the binder it’s self. At 32″ I found the x-small to be more beneficial in the long run.
    This product is durable. After over two years with the same product with constant wear, there have been no holes, tears or unravelling.
    Always wash in cold water, it preserves the binder’s ability to bind. Using hot water does not shrink it to fit later on in it’s life, it only weakens it.
    Best way to put on/take off is over the head because it reduces stretching or possibility of tearing.


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