Review: T-Kingdom M801 Breast Binder: Cody Jess

October 23, 2010

Reviewed by Cody Jess

Product Name: T-Kingdom Model 801 Breast Binder

Manufacturer’s website:

Cup size at time of use: 34/36C (between sizes depending on weight)

Comfort: 3

  • There’s a moment of discomfort when you first zip it up, but once you’re adjusted it’s fine. After a couple hours, I find myself resisting the urge to pull it down, because it bites into the ribcage a little at the bottom (the same way a sports bra can cut in at the bottom when it’s a little too small) but taking off a few excess pounds would solve that. It also bites a little (not right under the arms) at the front of the arm-holes, especially if you have a tendency to slouch. I think the longer, shirt-like ones would be more comfortable and easier to wear.

Effectiveness: 5

  • Not flat as a board, but flat like chest muscles. If you’re wearing it just a little too small like I am, it binds exceptionally well, but does push out under the arms and at the top of the stomach. Just like compressing any other part of your body would make the stuff around it ‘pop out’ a little.

Discreetness: 4

  • You can’t tell there’s anything under there unless you’re really looking, but if you don’t layer (at least one good undershirt) the top where the zipper is pops out away from the chest, the zipper line itself shows, and the bulges right under and around the armholes as well as around the bottom (om stomach, sides, and back) would be noticeable. Go for a good undershirt, and if it’s being worn under a t-shirt, consider two undershirts to smooth out all the lines.

Overall: 4

  • It’s deceptively thin and small, but holds well and still breathes. For someone used to binding with an ace bandage, or a back brace, it’s a godsend. A little expensive, I guess? But it works. I’ll be buying a couple of other models from t-kingdom, and will recommend them to my brothers.
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