Review: Homemade/DIY: Pressure Bandages: Who is Morgan

October 22, 2009

Review by Who is Morgan


There have been reports of sternums being fractured using this method and actually piercing lungs. Use at your own risk.

Product name: Tensor Bandage

Manufacturer’s website: Any drug store. They’re used for wrapping sore ankles, wrists, knees, etc.

Cup size at time of use: A


Comfort: -3 /5

Effectiveness: 3.5/5

Discreetness: 2/5

  • This is probably one of the worst ways to bind. Hands down. You run a large risk of hurting yourself by wrapping your chest too tightly, as I did. I did this for a cosplay once, when I was still in denial about my gender identity, and refused to bind for a very long time after that.

    My mistake in this cosplay was that I (stupidly) didn’t realise that if you are binding using this technique, you have to move your breasts sort of… up and out. You want to sort of tuck as much tissue as possible under your armpits and use the bandage to tie it all in place. DO NOT SIMPLY BIND TIGHTER TO GET A FLATTER PROFILE. YOU WILL DO YOURSELF DAMAGE. I ended up with a severely bruised sternum and was unable to breathe freely for weeks.

    Now, other problems with bandages? They slide. They’ll slide up. They’ll slide down. They’ll separate at the fullest part of your breasts. They’re uncomfortable. They leave odd bulges under your clothes if not done PRECISELY correctly. A breast can pop free. They’re sweaty because they end up multi layered and have a LOT of elastic. Because of the way they shift, they are not very effective and can cause a lot of questions, especially if you are at all active.

    Benefits? They’re cheap. They’re available everywhere. Your parents don’t need to know what you’re using them for.

    If you MUST go for this option (I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST IT) then I recommend that you get the WIDEST bandage you can, as it will (in theory) slide less. And wear at least 2, if not 3-4 layers over top.

    Why is there no photo of me bound with these things?

    I will never use them again as long as I live.

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