Review: T-Kingdom M801: Nate

October 20, 2009

Reviewed by Nate:

Product name: T-Kingdom M801

Manufacturer’s website: T-Kingdom

Cup Size at Time of Use:  I think large B


Comfort:  4/5

  • Pretty comfortable.  Very breathable and I love that it is only about as long as a sports bra, unlike the Tri-Top.  I am a slightly chubby guy though so it cuts into me a bit around the back/arms, but not enough to be a real problem, and less painful than Underworks binders.

Effectiveness: 4/5

Discreetness: 4/5

  • Doesn’t have a roll-up problem, but there is that zipper.

Overall: 4/5

Additional comment:

  • This is pretty good for working out in because it is short, breathable, and not as tight as a Tri-Top while almost as effective.  If this helps at all with sizing, I wear a small in both the Underworks’ Double Front Compression Shirt and Tri-Top, and I got a medium in this.  I also own a large, which is hardly effective.
    The main drawback to this binder is that I tend to shift more than I do in Underworks binders.  I have to readjust myself once in a while.
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